Sonia D is a compact piece with clear lines, pronounced curves and vibrant colors such as red orange and green blue. It is part of the furniture series ICON by ECUS, which also includes sofa-beds, loveseats, sofas and armchairs.

ECUS and its new design collection ICON offer their international clients a series of pieces created by five renowned designers.

The sofa seems to have been cast from a single mold, giving the impression of a design object with continuous lines and robust forms. It is completely hand-crafted with a pine structure, seat and back of foam rubber and natural wool. Seams are hidden to accentuate the reading of a single continuous piece.

The curves of the back and armrest envelop the users, making comfort the protagonist of the moment.

The name of the sofa is inspired in the French painter and designer Sonia Delaunay (1885-1979). There is an intention that the design highlights the forms and colors that she used in her art.
Moneo Brock

Pine structure, seat and back of foam rubber and natural wool.

1 Seater Sofa

2 Seaters Sofa
2 Seaters Sofa Bed

Available sizes

1 Seater sofa

2 Seaters sofa


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