The REmix project is a concept created by BD Barcelona with the aim of REcovering, REcycling and REusing the obsolete material that accumulates in warehouses to give it a second chance.

Belén Moneo faced this challenge in the new edition (vol.5), converting and old stock legs into a limited edition of bookshelves and colorful collection of bookends that will part of the BD Art Edition’s catalogue. The legs are from the Romana table that his father, architect Rafael Moneo, has designed for the Catalan furniture in 2001. 

Studying the leg, Belén recognized the abstract, and perhaps hidden, beauty of it geometry, and she wanted to reveal it. To do this, as an architect, I resorted to descriptive geometry which - together with its intrinsic tools, the section cut of the figure and its projection -, has been the resource used in this transformation of the object. The unexpected revelation of the interior through its cut and the projection of this new shape on the horizontal plane, as if it were its shadow, is the basis of the design of the bookend. 
Belén Moneo


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